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Lunatics to Picket Robin Williams’ funeral

the birdcageThe news of Robin Williams’ death really saddened me. I’m not prone to celebrity following, but I grew up watching his genius. How wonderful that the world responded with such an outpouring of love for this remarkable man – well most of them anyway.

There are always the haters. Those small -minded people who would never have been granted breath if I had been God. You know the type: the neurosurgeons who sent his daughter fabricated death pictures, the ‘Sour Sally’s’ that called him a washed up drunk, basically the mind – sucking invertebrates that spew venom while crawling along on their bellies.

Well his funeral seems to have brought out more of them.

Enter the Westboro Baptist Church. They are gathering their hordes of satan to picket at his funeral. Why? Because he had the ‘audacity’ to portray a gay man in the movie “The Birdcage’. Their title for him is ‘Fag Pimp’ – nice people these…

‘Repent or Perish’ seems to be their slogan for the day. They preach damnation not just to those who are gay, but to all those who tolerate them.  They generally picket at military funerals, preaching that death and destruction are the armies punishment for tolerance of gays and lesbians. Clearly they are branching out…

My only consolation at this point is imagining what Robin would say to all of this. He would leave us breathless laughing at these base creatures…

I send my love and light to his family and friends. I truly hope that your wish to say a private goodbye is made possible despite the evidence to the contrary.

There’s nothing you can do to help these idiots see reason, but remember, they’re all going to kick up their clogs one day, and will have to spend eternity listening to Robin tear strips off them – yes, even from hell they’ll hear him!

Good thought!

GREAT thought!






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Mr Shower-Head pulls a Snubby


Mr Showerhead (Zapiro Cartoon) Mr Showerhead (Zapiro Cartoon)

Nelson Mandela is being remembered today at Westminster Abbey – the first time a foreigner has been so honoured – and Zuma didn’t rock up!

Yep, Presi – Very – Dent – Zuma, ‘Gauche Extraordinaire’, of The Republic of South Africa had a hotter appointment.

The date of Mandela’s service was originally meant to take place in February to coincide with the former presidents’ release from prison, but was later changed to accommodate Snubby’s schedule (he was preparing his hate of the nation address). His eventual excuse for not attending -‘ It is a busy month’ ….

And where exactly was he? Snubby was attending the wedding of one of Bob Mugabe’s children. So a world event occurs to honour an honourable man and Snubby packed up his shower-head and went off to trifle with one of the world’s most violent dictators…

It must be said…

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Will Winnie Finally Pay?

Winnie Mandela, former wife of Nelson Mandela

Winnie Mandela, former wife of Nelson Mandela
(Alexander Joe/Getty images)

Winnie Mandela, former wife of Nelson Mandela, has been accused of ordering and/or participating in 18 deaths, one of them the murder and kidnapping of a 14 year old child activist, James Sepei (Stompie).

James Seipei - nicknamed 'Stompie'

James Seipei – nicknamed ‘Stompie’

Her bodyguards, dubbed ‘The Mandela Football Club’, were the long arm of ‘Winnies Law’.  They threatened and silenced any and all opposition – ruthlessly, and seemingly without fear of reprisals.

One of  her bodyguards was convicted of the murder. Winnie was convicted only of kidnapping and assault charges and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

She appealed and paid a fine.

Now that Madiba has passed away, and despite the fact that she was his ex-wife,  she is already announcing that she is the head of the Mandela family.

Now there are rumblings of talks about re-opening a case against her for 2 other murders.

Mandela took over a tumultous and violent country, and one can almost understand why she was allowed to escape judgement.

Mandela was the only person that could possibly save us at that time.  Any major charges against her would have reflected badly on him and further toppled the fragile stability in South Africa.  As an icon, his image had to be protected.

But now our father has died.

We are no longer a black and white nation.

We are a new ‘Rainbow Nation’ – educated, questioning, united and pissed off!

Madiba taught us the importance of UNITY, but he also taught us the importance of TRUTH.

Winnie is not the mother of our nation.

Her new position should be behind bars, silenced and forgotten.  It is still a kindness, more than she showed her victims, and certainly more than she deserves.

We could never administer what she deserves.

When you’ve murdered a child, any punishment is too light.

Heaven hear our call….




Farewell Tata

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
1918 – 2013

We will miss you beloved Father


The Daley Outing

Tom Daley - Olympic Champion

Tom Daley – Olympic Champion

I don’t generally get involved in the ‘straight/gay’ discussions.

Live and let live has always been my policy, even when I was going through a variety of religious /spiritual incarnations.

But today’s storm on Twitter really got my goat!

Tom Daley, British Olympic diving champion, a mere 19 years old, has ‘stepped out of the closet’.

and the Twitter world went dark and nasty…

Perhaps I’m a silly middle-aged woman, but I was astounded by the sheer depth of the hatred directed towards this young man. I could understand it if he was a murderer or a paedophile, but a gay or possibly bi-sexual man?

Why is it that same – sex relationships are still, in this day and age, so terrifying to some people. The fact that people of the same sex fall in love, doesn’t make them deviant.  I would just love to gather a crowd of haters and ask them a few questions about their values, infidelities and honour code when it comes to their relationships.

This young man has given everything to his country and to his sport. He has made his nation proud. His private life should be just that – private. The fact that he even felt the necessity to ‘come out’ is sad enough.

You don’t see us ‘straights’ feeling compelled to go on TV to announce we’re having sex with our partners.

I wonder how many of these ‘gay haters’ waited before marriage to play hide the sausage with their partners, you know seeing as they’re so pure and holy…

Oh right, God is ok with ‘our’ dalliances, cos ‘we’ are at least rocking with the right sex.


‘Tom Daley, keep living at full tilt my boy, and ignore the haters.’

Mamma has spoken..



South Africa goes South…

'The Captains'

‘The Captains’

The gangsters are going to run South Africa…legally…

The Patriotic Alliance was launched on Saturday and is captained (Morgan?) by Kenny Kunene and Gayton Mackenzie – both convicted criminals. They are not, it seems, going to personally run for office but have submitted Shirley-Anne Mouton as the face of the Alliance.

Rashied Staggie, a notorius gang leader who has spent an impressive amount of time in jail, is apparently also involved. The rumours are that the 26’s or is it the 28’s gang? make up a large part of the party.

It’s all very confusing.

They had a pre-launch attended by nearly 300 under-world characters, gangsters and a even a bunch of clergymen (that’s not worrying at all…).

Mc Kenzie, a convicted bank robber, said his past would not affect voters because they were after all voting for a politician, not a pope.

Well he’s got a point there…



Friday Fearday?

Cape Town Housing Protest

In October a ‘peaceful’ service delivery march turned violent as about 3000 protesters ran amok through the centre of Cape Town. Stalls and shops were vandalised, store holders were attacked – it was a mess.

The Cape Town Informal Settlements Organization who organised the march are now geared up to organise another to take place tomorrow, despite the fact that their application to do so has been turned down.

This time the numbers being quoted are anywhere from 50 000 to 200 000.

If rumour is to be believed ‘the masses’ have been given instructions to go wild. Cape Town is apparently to provide their Christmas shopping in a day of chaos and anarchy. Taxis will be used to  blockade some of the main highways into Cape Town and of course provide the means to transport such a large crowd into the city centre.

The City of Cape Town has now lodged an urgent application for an interdict in an attempt to stop the gathering. Unfortunately this particular organization has declared that it will continue with or without permission.

Extra emergency and police services are being deployed to Cape Town and will be on high alert on the day.

There have been constant taunts from officials from opposition parties that they will make Cape Town ungovernable in an attempt to wrest the votes from the DA controlled city.

I live here. I may or may not be able to go to work tomorrow.

We’ll see…

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